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Popular Live Streaming Options That Are Worth a Shot!

by Nova

Is your business in search of a better way to engage with the target audience? Do you want a more authentic approach that connects easily with the customer? Are you ready to experiment? Then we suggest that you give life streaming a try! Recent studies show that around 53% of corporations hold a live stream or broadcast a live session once a week or even once in two weeks.

And there’s a good reason why this trend has become so popular within a short time. After all, no established business or even a new startup wants to miss out on an opportunity to interact directly with its audience while simultaneously boosting brand visibility on the digital landscape. So, if you are here on the page, read through the entire blog article to understand the basics behind live streaming and apps that will help you with this functionality:

Defining a Live Streaming App

It’s interesting to note that a plethora of live-streaming apps exist today, with each one better than the other. So, let’s get on board with the latest trend! Most social media platforms today offer a live-streaming feature for their followers or users in one way or the other. Interestingly, live streaming is a terrific way to generate revenue in several different ways: via ads, various subscription options, and similar methods of monetization. Thus, allowing creators to get the best out of such platforms. But how does one know which app is most suited for them? Which one has the top features? And which app successfully grabs the most attention of your customer?

A decade or two ago, it would have been quite difficult for a layman to get a peep into the lives of public figures like political officials, celebrities, or even industry experts among several others. Not today though, all thanks to the myriad of social media platforms we have that come with a wide range of features that are totally worth it! Today, live streaming apps are not just a great way to keep in touch with audiences but also generate funds along the way.

Live Streaming Apps – Here’s What You Need to Know!

To begin with, live streaming apps make it quite easy for you to connect with your audiences and deliver relevant content that is totally on trend! These live-streaming options make it quite easy for the creator to broadcast in real-time and give the viewers a detailed insight.

Simply access the app on your phone or laptop, tap on a couple of options, and broadcast right away! Trending influencers and innumerable brands today use live streaming as a way to connect with their followers to answer as many queries as possible, and it can be used to generate a significant amount of revenue as well. This feature complements their digital profile, allowing a frequent and faster monetization of online platforms!

Top Live Streaming Apps & Platforms That will not Disappoint You!

You probably have a list that you want to check off, especially if you are in search of a streaming platform. Here is our selection of the top live-streaming apps, which are based on some basic factors, like price, user-friendliness, popularity, and range of compatible devices. What makes the best live-streaming app stand out from the competition in the industry? Let’s find out:


Twitch is one of the most popular streaming apps that have gained quite a following in the U.S., thanks to its uber-active gaming-oriented followers. This is a go-to option if you enjoy your weekly gaming sessions with your friends. What’s more, the platform gained quite a robust viewer base within a short period, thanks to its easy monetization process.

When it comes to the price point, Twitch does not let you down. It is free, to begin with, and provides several subscription options that range between $5 and up to $25, making it one of the most feasible options that you can look into for something solid and long-term! With Twitch, fans can easily connect with their favorite streamers.

Besides allowing interested users access to watch their favorite content or recently released one, the platform supports live broadcasts in long form, which can go as high as an hour or two and sometimes, even more!


Another live stream option that’s worth a shot is UStream. Developed by the outstanding tech team at IBM, it provides multiple functionalities that the average user can engage in! Besides being a robust option for live streaming, the platform also offers large space for cloud storage, so that you can stream and save video content without much hassle!

In addition to this, the platform also allows creators to put up countless features that allow them plenty of opportunities to engage with their target audiences. These include key features such as audience polls, cloud storage, and online chat along with many others making it quite an interesting app for all those who are looking to try live streaming for their business or start-up.

Moreover, UStream easily synchronizes with both Facebook and Twitter, so whenever you are thinking of doing a live stream, you can easily promote it on the two most popular socials in the country! But that’s not the best part yet. Content creators and entrepreneurs utilizing this app can even save their live streams and use it further in the future, thanks to the cloud storage option available. UStream is ideal for all users who have a home business setup and plan to work from their PC or laptop.

Instagram Live

Another live stream option that comes in pretty handy is Instagram Live, which makes mobile broadcasting simple and easy to use. That’s primarily because Instagram is a very popular social platform and is extremely user-friendly. It has lots of additional features such as stories, posts, and highlights, and integrates with Facebook as well! And with Facebook integrated, you can post at the same time across both platforms. Hence, providing much more comprehensive coverage of your target audience!

The only thing that you need to make sure you have a glitch-free live stream is that you are connected to a reliable and high-speed internet service such as AT&T Internet service. Our best bet is the Directv stream, which is worth every cent, after all, who would want to miss out on such a terrific service? So, if you can fully utilize the several features that Instagram offers to ensure that no one misses your live stream or any other content related to it.

Interestingly, Instagram Live as a feature is free but it does offer excellent monetization options that make mobile broadcasting feasible, especially if you are using this feature for the first time. Since it can be accessed from anywhere, you can use this just by logging into your Instagram account on your cell phone.


Another great way to reach out to your target customer is via TikTok. While you may have underestimated its potential as a social but TikTok is great, if your aim is at younger users. However, if you have ever dismissed TikTok just as another wishy-washy social, think again. TikTok offers an exclusive service that’s not for everyone and it makes it through its strict guidelines, ensuring that everyone adheres to community guidelines. With TikTok live stream option, one needs to have at least 1000 followers, aged 16+ and above, if they want to go online. Plus, you can broadcast a live stream to even those users on TikTok who are not following you yet! With a comparatively meaty monetization option, this is one platform that would be a huge boost to your brand, if only you get easy approval from the admin.

Wrapping It Up,

Considering all of these live streaming apps mentioned above, the live streaming strategy is a terrific method for capturing the attention of your audience solidly! All you need to make sure is that the quality of your stream is high while keeping in touch with the needs of your audience and keeping a check over your content. And you are good to go! For maximum impact on your target customer, it is better that you select the live-streaming option after much thought. No wonder every aspect of your brand and business is crucial in the long run.

This is undoubtedly an awesome method that most start-ups along with major brands have been successful with monetization, simply with their adept use of live streaming!

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